Topics in Applied Finance

The aim of the course is to study interconnection between new technology and finance and provide fundamental understanding of digital innovation of financial intermediation functions (money, payments, capital raising, market aggregation, price discovery) with emphasis on scalable business models and consumer products.

Upon the completion of the course participants should be familiar with principal varieties of Fintech ecosystem and what and how is disrupted in traditional money, payment, lending, banking and investment industries. Participants should be able to understand the basic requirements and features of technology, data and algorithms underpinning the Fintech industry. They should be able to understand specific management challenges in such ventures including regulation, management of customers, value propositions, and best practices. Finally, they shall get a chance to structure thinking about starting a new business in this industry.

This course is elective. It is taught in the first semester and carries 6 ECTS credits. Go to the next course or see the list of courses.

  • Essential Literature
  • S. Chishti, T. Puschmann, The WEALTHTECH Book, Wiley eBook (2018).
  • J. Hill, Fintech and the Remaking of Financial Institutions, Elsevier AP (2018).