Finance and Programming

Information technology revolution is challenging many time-honored traditions in the financial industry. Powerful computers trade against each other, predict risks and price patterns. As a result, demand for traditional finance jobs is falling. At the same time, many exciting new opportunities are emerging for people and organizations that can keep pace with times, perform skillfull analyses of complex financial situations, create efficient computer models, and test ideas on real data and simulations before making important business decisions.

But, companies trying to capitalize on the emerging opportunities often face a problem. Information technology and math departments typically train programmers who may be efficient in implementing algorithms but have little or no domain knowledge. On the other hand, some economists may grasp things at the level of intuition but do not have enough practice in modeling and programming. Often missing are creative people that can connect different aspects of the problem into a coherent whole and that can think out of the box. It is in this balance of skills and abilities that truly awesome opportunities lie.

The MCF program is designed to address this problem by helping forge a new type of financial expertise. It combines a sound grasp of financial markets and the practical problems facing financial institutions with creative problem-solving utilizing advanced financial modeling, applied programming and quantitative skills. Such experts will tick all the boxes an employee in a contemporary financial institution should tick. They will know the issues and problems you face in the everyday job, have an open mind and approach problems proactively, have a good command of the quantitative toolkit at their disposal but be open to challenge theory if it does not conform with facts, and, last but not least, have a clear understanding of which approaches can yield the largest potential impact.

Fintech industry and digital transformation of the financial institutions have put down roots in Serbia and the region due to the large pool of high-quality, computer savvy young people. The world-class quality of our program and the unique blend of skills and experiences that it provides should significantly contribute to their rapid advancement.