Master in Computational Finance (Short-Cycle Program)

School of Computing (Rańćunarski fakultet - RAF) is organizing Short-cycle program titled Master in Computational Finance (MCF) and is applying for its approval to the National Council for Higher Education of the Republic of Serbia. The program is planned to commence in Febuary 2021 and to last for 12 months. Leading financial institutions in Serbia such as Banca Intesa, a.d. Beograd, Raiffeisen Bank, a.d. Beograd, and QuantLabs d.o.o. are supporting the creation of the MCF program.

Computational finance applies computer science methods to solve problems related to finance. With the advance of computing power and with a dramatical increase in data availability, as well as with development of powerful new machine learning algorithms, computational finance is gradually replacing old financial approaches. Traditionally, banks and other financial institutions have hired, separately, people with finance domain knowledge, mathematical modelling and programming skills. With their often non-overlapping scope of knowledge collaboration between these groups is not always easy. At the time when the speed of innovation is critical, this is increasingly seen as an unsustainable model.

The idea of this short program is to help all of these disparate groups of people develop common skills that would enable them to effectively collaborate within modern financial institutions and fintech firms. They should recognize and understand some financial problem, select the appropriate solution methodology and develop appropriate mathematical model, and then implement in Python and/or R, two of the leading open-source programming languages for finance and data science, the appropriate solution algorithms. The program is taught in English since most of the financial institutions and fintech firms de-facto operate in that language.