Tenderly Stipend

Tenderly is an Ethereum Developer Platform that enables teams and companies to build innovative blockchain products. We strive to set the standard quality and versatility in the Web3 developer tooling space by providing a full-fledged platform with a comprehensive dashboard and a multifaceted API that enable developers to focus on their projects whether they are just starting out with Smart Contracts or building a complex DeFi platform.

Relying on extensive engineering expertise Tenderly has built a robust suite of products that set the standard for blockchain development experience with the goal to enable building the next wave of decentralized applications. Tenderly is recognized by leading companies in the space as a leading developer platform that is an essential part of their developer toolbox.

As we had the opportunity to work with many successful projects in the DeFi space, we recognize the impact of FinTech and all emerging disciplines around it. That’s why we support the creation of the Master in Computational Finance (MCF) program and we offer a stipend for one outstanding participant in 2021/2022. The stipend covers full tuition and fees.

To apply for the Tenderly Stipend, just indicate your interest when applying to the MCF program. After you’re admitted into the MCF program, your resume will be passed to the Tenderly team. If there’s a mutual interest, you will have the opportunity to join the team. Employment with us is not a requirement to receive our stipend.