Upon Program Completion

People which combine strong finance, programming and quantitative skills with keen understanding of how financial markets and institutions work are in high demand and in short supply. Financial technology firms, banks, institutional investors and other companies and institutions, both regionally and globally, actively search for such talent. Those who complete the MCF program, therefore, have excellent placement opportunities. In addition, some of them may want to create their own startups.

If you are looking for a job in the financial industry, winning the Raiffeisen Banka Stipend, Banca Intesa Stipend or UniCredit Bank Stipendwould provide you with an excellent entrance into the exciting finance career (plus, you get to study free of charge!). In addition, our Faculty and Board members are there to help guide you in your professional career and broaden your horizons. From them you can learn, first hand, what it takes to succeed in a leading financial institution and how to get there. Furthermore, receiving a Master in Computational Finance certificate from the Collegio Carlo Alberto provides a strong signal to Italian and European financial institutions who are continuously interested in this relatively rare combination of skills.