The Venue

The venue for the MCF program is the School of Computing (Rańćunarski fakultet or RAF), one of the leading faculties for computer science in South East Europe. Located in Belgrade, Serbia, RAF is small and privately-owned. Created in 2003, RAF consistently attracts the best and the brightest young minds in the region. Students from RAF are frequently among the leading contenders on international informatics competitions. Many graduates are working in positions of responsibility at the leading IT firms such as Google, Facebook and Microsoft as well in FinTech firms such as FIS, Asseco and eFront. RAF has a particular expertise in the area of Natural Language Processing and Artificial Intelligence.

RAF is located just minutes away from the famed Kalemegdan Fortress where Romans, Turks and Austrians left their marks over the centuries, in one of the most prestigious locations in town. In Belgrade people enjoy relaxing and having fun. Luckily, life is still quite affordable, despite increasing numbers of visitors. Also, according to many foreigners living in this city, this is one of very few places in Europe where people could not care less where you are coming from. If we like you, you become one of us!