Class of ’21 Receives Certificates of Completion

On Thursday, June 9th, 2022, the first generation of the Master in Computational Finance (MCF) program has been officially awarded Certificates of Completion of the Short-Cycle program. Starting in December of 2020 with a Bootcamp and finishing in December of 2021, these are the faces of the trailblazing generation of our program. In order to succeed, they had to overcome many challenges. Economists had to learn to program, programmers and mathematicians had to learn about business and finance, and all of them had to learn how to effectively work together and, as groups, complete numerous interesting tasks. Above all, they had lots of fun together, creating ties that will, hopefully, last them the lifetime.

Most of those that have completed the Short-Cycle program are now continuing on to complete the MCF Master degree program. All of them are working in companies of their choice.